Good Buds on Salt Spring Island

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Salt Spring Island Pride

Nestled in the sheltered waterways of the Pacific Ocean’s Salish Sea, and beloved for its incredible beauty, Salt Spring Island is home to some of Canada's best natural craft farming. It’s also home to Canada’s most temperate climate, perfect for growing outdoor cannabis.

There’s a special magic happening in our native soil, and we believe that what goes into the soil translates to our buds. That’s why we focus on the unique biology of the land, grow sustainably and build on the island's natural terroir. What you’ll get is a balanced, full spectrum of cannabinoids.

Salt Spring Island is a special place. Considered an international tourist destination, Salt Spring and its residents bring a relaxed and welcoming energy to all that visit. At Good Buds, we're dedicated to growing craft weed the natural way to make the island proud.