Outdoor cannabis on Salt Spring Island

NaturallY Grown

Our plants grow the natural way

We’re relentless in our love for the plant. Every day, we work to deliver sticky, flavourful buds. Planted from seed and grown in our native Salt Spring Island soil, our plants are fed by the sun, ocean air, and recaptured rainwater. We compost our plant matter to regenerate our living soils, so that you get only the cleanest, most natural buds.

fresh concentrates

GOOD BUDS Chronic Series

Our Chronic Series features potent, small-batch, premium quality cannabis and concentrates that are NOT for the uninitiated. These strains have been naturally-raised and cultivated in living organic soils, and nurtured on the daily to ensure the very best results. What you’ll get is big juicy buds that are frosted with trichomes, and solventless full-melt hash, live resin hash, and rosin.


Salt Spring Island from the ferry



sland Series

Our Island Series features limited release, sun-grown, ocean-grown strains that have been naturally-raised outdoors in living organic soils. The result is an array of terpene and cannabinoid profiles that are unique to the soil and soul of Salt Spring Island. Hand-planted and hang-dried to preserve flavour and potency.